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Inspiring meaningful connections with your fans inside and outside of your company, with videos that sell on the top of YouTube and Google Search.

Join the movement below.

We believe in challenging the status quo...

We have been tried and true and are willing to be tried again. We believe in doing things differently. If you believe in challenging the status quo, then maybe you should try working with us. We have a proven process for making educational, informative, and most importantly fun YouTube content that shows up on the top of Google and YouTube search.  Our videos have sold millions in quality products and services we actually believe in. If you're tired of being sold to, and want to help educate people on products and services you would tell your grandma to buy, then this is the place for you. We don't make propaganda like 95% of content creators. We make "properganda" for people that believe what we believe. It is our mission to insure that products and services we believe in beat out ones that don't meet our high quality standards. This is why we are very selective in who we create videos for. Core values are everything to us. If our clients don't live up to them, we will no longer do business with them. We will hire, fire, and promote clients and staff that live by these three tenets.

Care, Kaizen, and Have Fun! 

Change is calling. Will you answer? 

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